Choosing An Electrician

Choosing the right electrician makes makes your work go smoothly and also know you have an electrician you can trust for all your future work, so how do you go about finding the right electrician for you ?

Qualifications and a Member of Any Relevant Trade Bodies

All genuine electricians have been highly trained, and with good reason, electricity is dangerous and in the wrong hands, fatal. A genuine electrician will be time served and have the documentation to prove this which can be checked online. Electricians looking to enhance their skill set tend to join trade body which regularly tests and trains it members, a sign that the electrician takes their work very seriously. One of the most respected electrical bodies is the NICEIC, for which A to Z Electrical Services is a proud member.

NICEIC Approved contractor

The NICEIC regularly test their members to ensure they comply to the NICEIC’s high standards, NICEIC approved contractors can also sign off their own work when required for local authorities and other bodies, so you know the standard of work is very high. Remember to ask to see the electricians credentials, no genuine electrician will have any problem with you checking out their credentials, in face many will encourage it.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance is there in case anything goes wrong, it very rarely does however it’s good to know in the unlikely event it does, the problem should get sorted quickly due to the insurance cover. Typically most public liability insurance covers damage up to £1,000,000 so there are not very many scenarios whereby that figure will be exceeded in a claim. It’s also a sign that the business cares about it’s customers, just in case something does happen. Most rogue traders do not use public liability insurance because it’s an additional expense and because they are not qualified the insurance company may not pay out once they check the “electricians” qualifications and find the insurance cover was based on fictitious information.


It’s a touchy subject but it’s unwise to select an electrician based solely on price, there are some electricians who under price work and are genuinely highly skilled, the pricing between electricians will always vary slightly, this is, after all, natural. If a price is considerably cheaper it’s a good idea to be cautious, they may simply need to work or they have just started their business and are just feeling their feet with pricing, typically though quotes will be within a reasonable margin overall.


Reviews are testimonials written by previous customers, now reviews can be faked by the unscrupulous but the truth is most reviews are genuine, on sites like only actual customers can leave reviews so there is no doubting those reviews are 100% genuine, being a member of we are proud show our 100% customer feedback below

A to Z Electrical Reviews

Searching a business name such as A to Z Electrical Services in google will generally show any reviews a business has online, this can be very useful in finding an electrician who carries out high quality work, is reliable yet their pricing is affordable.

We hope this guide has been useful and remember we have full public liability insurance, are fully qualified and are approved NICEIC electrical contractors so why not call us for a free estimate today on 01224 798951 today.

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