Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

We use our lighting every day and don’t give it much thought but did you know you could be wasting money needlessly by using old style light fittings ?

Older style light bulbs used considerably more energy than the new, modern LED light bulbs. Our image of a cost effective bulb can the CFL (compact fluorescent lights) often referred to as the low energy lightbulb, these bulbs take a while to glow fully and have have actually been known to contain mercury.

The best approach is to start fitting LED lighting as you upgrade your home or office lighting because it is the most energy effective lighting solution. Nothing is as straight forward as it should be though. LED bulbs are the most expensive bulbs to buy, they will last longer but do not be tempted to buy cheap bulbs because very often they are not produced to a high standard and will fail faster than they should.

LED lighting offers more attractive options for lighting, flush ceiling lights and fittings make your home look more attractive, it is even possible to fit LED lighting into the skirting boards on your stair case or lower plinths in your kitchen for that very stylish look.

older bulbs, particularly fluorescent bulbs, produce a harsh light which can be distracting and overpowering LED lighting is far softer yet equally as bright. If you are moving into an older property it makes sense to make these lighting upgrades while your home is getting renovated, you can always focus on the primary rooms and expand the upgrade to other rooms in the future.

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